* iT'S cOMinG *

: / > Numerous technical difficulties and interruptions have caused the details of our adventures to be momentarily lost, but hopefully not forgotten from the hearts of you loyal viewers nor from the deepest abysses (or is it abbysi) of the cybernetic world. Please adjust your stations for upcoming transmissions... <_


* SkUm pOsSE PRoFiLe *

{SKUM: Crew CO, "Collector"}

* Formed - 4th Rotation, Lab F-6, Row 2, Planet Glooberjib
* Background - Skum's assignment dictates that he travel both known and unknown interstellar space routes for the compilation of a galactic categorized database comprising all identified forms of life, technology and random matter.
* Intelligence - 178/390 > Reasonable
* Music Choice - Journey, New Kids On The Block

{FIN: Pirate (?), Research Specimen}

* Born - 17th Century, Planet Earth
* Background - Full Name: Phineas J. Bogglesboddum. Final classification [as listed above] still pending; piracy career plausible, but doubtful. Appearance and 'accessories' seem little more than superficial.
* Intelligence - Amoeba > Potential for evolving.
* Music Choice - Nose Whistling

{K.Z.M.T: Assistant, Damage Control}

* Assembled - Shipment # 013124018W2K
* Background - The Kinetically-energized Zobiotic Multiple-Modulating Task-recipient (K.Z.M.T) is the latest in science-fiction engineering. Boasting a renewable energy source powered by basic motion and the ability to continually adapt and reprogram without the risk of typical A.I. rebellion, the so-called "zobiotic" models now offer a wide range of template customization options. Not without its glitches, K.Z.M.T often displays several feline peculiarities.
* Intelligence - Awesome > Awesomer
* Music Choice - Styx, Depeche Mode