* SkUm pOsSE PRoFiLe *

{SKUM: Crew CO, "Collector"}

* Formed - 4th Rotation, Lab F-6, Row 2, Planet Glooberjib
* Background - Skum's assignment dictates that he travel both known and unknown interstellar space routes for the compilation of a galactic categorized database comprising all identified forms of life, technology and random matter.
* Intelligence - 178/390 > Reasonable
* Music Choice - Journey, New Kids On The Block

{FIN: Pirate (?), Research Specimen}

* Born - 17th Century, Planet Earth
* Background - Full Name: Phineas J. Bogglesboddum. Final classification [as listed above] still pending; piracy career plausible, but doubtful. Appearance and 'accessories' seem little more than superficial.
* Intelligence - Amoeba > Potential for evolving.
* Music Choice - Nose Whistling

{K.Z.M.T: Assistant, Damage Control}

* Assembled - Shipment # 013124018W2K
* Background - The Kinetically-energized Zobiotic Multiple-Modulating Task-recipient (K.Z.M.T) is the latest in science-fiction engineering. Boasting a renewable energy source powered by basic motion and the ability to continually adapt and reprogram without the risk of typical A.I. rebellion, the so-called "zobiotic" models now offer a wide range of template customization options. Not without its glitches, K.Z.M.T often displays several feline peculiarities.
* Intelligence - Awesome > Awesomer
* Music Choice - Styx, Depeche Mode